This book is a must have for any Mass Effect fan. It doesn't matter what if you have, in my case, all three CE editions for Xbox , the Trilogy for PS3, and all. Mass Effect is set in a rich and diverse universe hundreds of years in our future. The challenge of creating Mass Effect 3 Collector's Edition Art Book · Bioware. The Mass Effect trilogy is a groundbreaking epic that has immersed The Art of the Mass Effect Universe (hardcover) Genre: Art Book.

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    Mass Effect Art Book

    The first Mass Effect art book was quite good. The Art of Mass Effect Universe is even better. This handsome page hardcover art book. The Art of the Mass Effect Universe book. Read 52 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Featuring concept art and commentary by BioWare. The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe by Casey Hudson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

    Newsarama sat down with Dave amidst a hoard of card and board game players to talk about the new book and what else Dark Horse has coming up, including the first official confirmation that Dragon Age comics from Dark Horse are "on the way! Nrama: If it is going to include Mass Effect 3, will there by any information that eager fans would want to get their hands on? Marshall: There will be female Turians, who actually appeared for the first time in our second comic series Mass Effect: Evolution. We snuck it in there, so if anyone wants to know what a female Turian looks like check out Mass Effect: Evolution trade paperback out in October! Marshall: Right. We treat all of our books and comics the same way, very developer first, very intimate working relationship with those teams because we really want to deliver something that is meaningful to fans and really expands of the core canon, the core narrative. Nrama: How long is the book, and is there anything that you had to cut that you wish you could of kept in? Nrama: Is it a drawing or a render? Most of the pieces inside the book are paintings. We have digital stuff in there, sketches, the whole gamut. BioWare released [that piece] as a lithograph earlier this year.

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    Read reviews that mention mass effect effect universe concept art art books high quality must have for any mass effect fans art of the mass great book hardcover behind the scenes effect games highly recommend recommend this book love mass creative process effect trilogy put together great addition design process. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

    Hardcover Verified download.

    This book is a must have for any Mass Effect fan. There is so much here that you can't help but sit down and read it. I've always been a sucker for concept art and behind the scenes things and this is something that I always pick up for game series I love.

    This one was no disappointment and it only shows me things in full detail that I've only seen in images or from other sources, generally not in HD format. This book is something that any fan of the series will appreciate and read again and again. See the evolution of your favorite planet, ship, character, or even other things.

    Its this type of book that makes people want to play the game again, and you will after reading this. You will appreciate the games only more so after seeing this and all of the work that went into them. In fact you will appreciate them to the piont where you will want to go back and play them again seeing all of the things and their final results.

    Appreciate the ME universe more than you already did and see the development of this awesome series. I am a huge fan of the Mass Effect games the world created around it.

    So with Mass Effect 3 on the horizon I jumped when this book came up for pre-order. And it was well worth the wait.

    The Art Of The Mass Effect Universe

    It is full of the unique feel and art of the Mass Effect world. But it isn't endless amazing art, a lot of it shows the various sketches and design changes that different characters went through. It is broken into three section for each of the Mass Effect games. This shows how some character have changed over the course of this universe spanning adventure. Since the game is not out there are a few spoilers you will run across in the book in the Mass Effect 3 section.

    It doesn't give away any story that I could see, but it does show the art for some characters you will meet and recruit that haven't been mentioned yet in the previews. If you read between the lines it also strongly hints at some story elements.

    That said I saw no harm in it and was actually a little excited to know a little more before the game releases. It just increases my desire for the game. All in all I was very happy with this book. The hardcore Mass Effect fans will see it as a must have. But for any fan of the Space Opera genre will find a lot of wonderful art and design elements in this book.

    If you're a Mass Effect Fan this is a must download. While not a reference book perse, its the closest one Mass Effect has at the moment. The book is absolutely excellent on its own merit as an art book with great finalized and conceptual artwork throughout. The only downside is with so much content to cover it often feels like the book moves too quickly with an average of two pages per topic.

    An additional page of conceptual art for each species and major characters would have been welcomed. Many planets only get one page each, with much of the art crammed into four square style. Occasionally sections of the book can feel like conceptual tasters. Still what we get is excellent!

    The Art of the Mass Effect Universe

    What this book gives is a comprehensive look at the art of the entire Mass Effect Trilogy and it presents it in a consistently pleasing way. At over pages the lack of thoroughness is excusable otherwise this book could easily be pages. If you love Mass Effect I cannot recommend enough, download it!

    download it in hardback form now while its cheap before it goes out of print and the prices skyrocket. I finally got my book ordered and received it today after site oddly pulled them for a few days and I am very satisfied with it. The book itself is what I would call slightly over sized and fairly hefty, over 3 pounds.

    I have already had a lot of fun flipping through the book, it's neat to see how beloved characters took shape over the development process Jack The content runs from early sketches to full blown art work of the Mass Effect universe. Most have comments and explanations attached such as what the goal of that design was, why they removed this or that, very insightful to see inside the art design of a Bioware project.

    Be warned the book does contain artwork and images from Mass Effect 3, during my flipping I seen a few things I wish I hadn't Although it seems most of the ME3 content is towards the back of the book. On a small note, I did notice my book had some minor damage slight bending to the bottom corners, nothing serious but it's worth noting.

    Overall I am very happy with my download. I have spent hundreds of hours playing the first two games and will probably spend much more on the final chapter of Shepard's saga.

    It's nice to know even years from now I can flip through this terrific book and remember the hours of fun I had. Could have made the book better for fans. I was excited for this book, as a mass effect fan but unfortunately its lacking in artistic details and information about the designs - designers and drawings. Each page is pretty much the same thing, the character and the multiple computer designed outfit styles.

    All of the art in the book is from the BioWare in-house concept art team. We are hoping to introduce people to these really incredible, incredible artists whose work is pretty much behind the scenes.

    You think about concept art for other properties such as Star Wars. Somebody like Ralph McQuarrie, who now is a household name, but at that time was coming up with these visuals that nobody ever say but were so influential and definitive on what Star Wars eventually became. Those are the kinds of artists that are working on Mass Effect right now.

    We want people to be able to see the level of talent that goes on behind the scenes of these games. Nrama: Is there appeal to those who are not fans of the franchise? Marshall: Honesty, even if someone is not a fan of Mass Effect, if they flip through it, there are a lot of compelling reasons to check it out.

    Incredible alien designs, incredible ship design, incredible weapon designs. We used this work as a reference when making our comics and it was a tragedy that no one else got to see it. So we worked with BioWare to get it out there.

    Nrama: Dark Horse is a great source for game comics, anything you can tell us about what is coming up? Our third series, The Lost Suns, is coming out right now written by a senior writer on the game, Alexander Freed.

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